The Partyline

Just dial one of the local access numbers, and begin talking with your friends, family and make new friends over the world, no Subscriptions, No Premium rate phone numbers. No Pin numbers required!. Lines have over 50,000 channel capacity. The only free high powered conference service of it's kind in the world.

Partyline Access Numbers:

London, UK: +442035195110
London, UK: +442035195114
Glasgow, UK: +441412950360
Melbourne, Australia: +61390212235
California, USA: +17142029617
New York City, USA: +13472867389

You can also access via a SIP phone. Details of that soon.

IRLP and Projects:

IRLP: +448450951503
IRLP: +442035198192
IRLP: +442035199810
IRLP: +442035191176
IRLP: +441236320026
IRLP: +441236320027
Contact: +441236320028
Speaking Clock: +441236320029